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Table of contents

Collagen based Biomaterials from CLRI: An Inspiration from the master

Collagen-based Smart Biomaterials

Smart materials: As smart people see them

Some Biomaterials based on Collagen in Human Health care

Questions of Value to this presentation

Focus of Research on the Collagen-based Biomaterials in CLRI: Patient care and pain reduction

People at CLRI: for Whom Collagen matters as a Biomaterial

Skin as an organ: Is it smart?

Collagen: Emerging Role as a Smart material

Building blocks of Collagen based biomaterial devices

Collagen: its Organizational beauty

Hierarchical Ordering of Collagen in Connective Tissues

Penta-fibrillar assembly: A Building block collagen based materials

Collagen: Stabilizing forces

Dimensional Changes of Collagen: with thermo mechanical stress

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Multiple relaxations in collagen fibers: Energy Dissipation in dimensional stability

Models for multiple relaxation processes in collagen fiber

Collagen materials: Relax

Structural reinforcement of collagen sponges: Resilience

Host-Guest Interactions with Collagen: As molecules

Energy minimized structure of 24-mer collagen triple helix

Complex Formation of poly phenols at various collagen sites

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Some Smart Collagen based Biomaterials

Bone's strength down to "sacrificial bonds"

Piezoelectric Collagen Hydrogels

Smart Lens

Injectable scaffold aids rebuilding of nerves

Wound Care Products from CLRI in the market place

Logic of Biomaterial devices from CLRI for wound management

Preparation of Natural and Synthetic Porous Biodegradable Scaffolds for Infected Wounds

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MMP-8 Expression in the Regenerating Wounds

Signalling pathways in wound healing

Treatment Modality

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Collagen: Benefits in wound Healing

Chitosan Cross-linked Reconstituted Amniotic Collagen Membrane – An Excellent Cell Substratum

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Some products from CLRI under clinical use and evaluation

Applying Knowledge on Collagen of CLRI: In Human Health Care

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Kollagen: In Real Field Applications in Acute Care

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Collagen biomaterials from CLRI

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Collagen based biomaterials


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Bandage lens: A smart device

Work at CLRI: In summary

People Who made things happen

People who use


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