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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- SARS

PowerPoint Presentation

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Global pattern of SARS epidemic

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SARS – clinical features

Radiological features of lungs-showing progression of disease

cT Scan of SARS lungs

Imaging type,cost,therapy

SARS – Lung Pathology

SARS Pathology

SARS - Diagnosis

How did SARS spread ?

Economics of Epidemics -SARS

How was SARS contained so fast ?

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Phylogenetic tree of coronaviruses-May 2003

SARS- urbani strain genome Rota et al Scienceexpress, May 2003

Sequence homology of corona viruses from mammalian species

ToR strain genome Marra et al, sciencexpress, May 2003

Three dimensional structure of human coronavirus main proteinase (Mpro) which regulates replication

Dimer of HCoV Mpro

Inhibitors of TGEV Mpro bind to Mpros of other species

Antirhinoviral drug should inhibit SARS virus MPro

SARS virus

SARS – Koch´Postulates proved.

SARS – virus jumps species

How infectious is SARS virus

SARS – Global Distribution- 10th July 2003

Epidemics – What do we learn ?

Politics of epidemics - SARS

SARS and other Epidemics

SARS – Unprecedented international efforts

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- SARS 2003

Dr. Carlos Urbani dies during SARS investigations