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Table of contents

Dinosaurs of India: Dead but Alive


Evolution and O2 PAL

The Science in Dinosaurs

Origin/ Extinction of Dinosaurs

PowerPoint Presentation

India –94my + 50my

Icehouse /Greenhouse through time

Global Mean Annual Temperature Distributions at 100 my

Global Mean Annual Precipitation at 100 my

First Indian Discovery

Distribution of Indian Dinosaurs

Classification of Dinosaurs


Distribution of Nests and Eggs in India

Dinosaur National Park

Slide 18

Sauropod eggs


Dinosaur egg: Thin section

Air Canals: Surface Sections

Resorbtion Craters

Dinosaur Dung

Extinction Scenarios : Magnetic Reversals

Asteroid Impacts

Probability Curve: Asteroid Impacts

Slide 28

The Asteroid Fallout in India

Slide 30

Impact Effects

Impact Related Minerology

Slide 33

Concluding Remarks

The real reason dinosaurs became extinct !!

Glorified Dinosaurs