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The Third Earth-Observation Summit, EOS-III, held in February 2005, approved the 10-Year Implementation Plan to establish GEOSS through international cooperation.
The GEOSS concept is to realize a future wherein decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are formulated by coordinated, comprehensive, and sustained Earth observations through government-level commitments.
This slide depicts the end-to-end nature of data provision, the feedback loop for responding to user requirements, and the role of GEOSS in this process.
GEOSS will provide comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained observations of the Earth system to
improve the monitoring of the state of the Earth,
increase our understanding of Earth’s processes, and
enhance predictions of the behavior of the Earth system.
GEOSS will provide qualitative, long-term global information in a timely manner as a basis for sound decision-making. In so doing, it will enhance the delivery of benefits to society in the areas of Disaster Mitigation, Health, Energy, Climate, Water, Weather, Ecosystems, Agriculture, and Biodiversity.
JAXA’s vision will strongly support GEOSS