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Liver Hypertension: Causes, Consequences and Prevention

Heart Pressure : Blood Pressure

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If you continue to have high BP

Doctor Measures Blood Pressure (BP): Medicines to Decrease BP

LIVER ~ ~ LIFE Rightists vs. Leftists

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Liver Spleen - Splanchnic Circulation Normal Pressures (mm Hg)

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Portal (Liver ) Hypertension (PHT)

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Causes of Portal (Liver ) Hypertension

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Cirrhosis means a Hard, Shrunken, Nodular Fibrotic Liver, Changed Architecture

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Consequences of Portal (Liver ) Hypertension

Systemic Hypertension

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How To Diagnose Portal (Liver) Hypertension ?

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TIPS to reduce Pressure Decreasess rebleed and Death (Monescillo A, Oct 2004, Hepatology)

Predictors of First Variceal Hemorrhage

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Drug Treatment of Hypertension - Repeated BP measurements

How To Diagnose Portal Hypertension

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Intravariceal Pressure in Cirrhotic, Non-cirrhotic Portal Fibrosis and Extrahepatic Portal Vein Obstruction - DIRECT

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Liver Pressure Measurement

Portal Pressure = Hepatic Vein Pressure Gradient (HVPG)

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Hepatic Vein Pressure Gradient (HVPG)

Liver Pressure (HVPG) Studies at G B Pant Hospital, Delhi (2001-2004)

Small Vs. Large Varices

Liver Pressure and Bleeder Status (n=176)

HVPG Multivariate Analysis (Wadhawan et al. 2005)

Safe BP levels

Safe Portal (Liver) Pressure or HVPG

Liver Pressure and Bleeding Risk

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Reality Bites: Beta-blockers of limited use in Prevention of First Bleed!!

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Prevention of First Variceal Bleed: Baveno IV Consensus

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A La Carte Treatment for Liver Hypertension – Is it Possible !

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For Prevention of Rebleed Band Vs. BB + Nitrate Combination

Prevent Liver Hypertension Intervene Early Before Pressure goes High and Collaterals form

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Serious Non-Bleeding Complications of Cirrhosis Correlation with HVPG, MELD and Child’s Status (Dubey et al. 2005)

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Liver Hypertension: Treatment in Infancy !

Can We Clinicians Treat Portal (Liver) Hypertension and Measure Liver Pressures with Simplicity in 2006 ?

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