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Can We Include The Third Dimension During Image Mining?

Retrieve An Image

Content-Based Retrieval

Problem Statement

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CBIR Methodology

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Illustration : Logo Search

Illustration: Arbitrary Query


Illustration: Change in View

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Illustration: Depth Variation

New Paradigm for CBIR

Application I: Architecture


Feature extraction

X-ratio distribution

Similarity measure

Retrieved images using only photometric features

Use of X-ratio

Results for a different query

Retrieval results with geometric and photometric features

Rail track retrieval

Recall and Precision

Retrieval Performance

Application II: Search Arts and Sports Photography

Examples of low DOF images

Typical Retrieval

The Fact

The Method

Difficulty with exponential mixture model

Pixel labeling

Proper Retrieval

Improper Retrieval

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Another Example

Results using Blobworld

Precision-recall diagram


Looking Ahead

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