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PowerPoint Presentation

There are 5 Speakers- The Ultimate dream is to get the Road map for connectivity to NE

Witnessing the Revolution

Some History

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Itanium® Processor Family Roadmap

Where are we going with 90 nm technology

Processor of Tomorrow

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The Road Ahead

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Transmission Capacity: Enablers

Advances in Opto Electronics

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Growth of IP Traffic- a paradigm shift

The Challenges in Communication

Dimensions of the Information Society

Communication Revolution

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Industry & Society: Speed is the Message- Law of Accelerating Returns

The World of Computers & Communication

Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines

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Strong Artificial Intelligence

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3 Approaches to Achieve Bandwidth Capacity

If you are starting from a Dark Fiber

The Evolution of Conventional wisdom

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Kumar Sivarajan

Growth of Wireless & Internet- Source Motorola


Internet Alone is Not Enough…… Wireless Data Services Access for the Mobile Professional

Digital Convergence – Smart Devices

Network Convergence

ICT will Transform the Way We Communicate

ICT will Transform the Way We Deal With Information


ICT will Transform the Way We Learn

Ashok Jhunjhunwala and Das Gupta

BD Pradhan


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