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Table of contents

The Emerging Trends in Satellite and Wireless Communications Technologies

Satellite Communications

Communications Satellites for Global Coverage

Satellite Transponders

The Four Generations Of Commercial Communication Geo-Sat

PowerPoint Presentation

An Indian Scenario INSAT SYSTEM

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Education Scenario in India

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INSAT 4 Series of Satellites

Directions of Wireless Communications

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Communication Paradigms Conventional/ New !!

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Bent-Pipe Vs On-Board Processing

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Bent-Pipe Vs Regenerative Payload

Acts – Satellite Characteristics


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IRIDIUM – A LEO Mobile System

Conventional VSAT VSAT Services

Hubless VSAT to VSAT Services

GSAT 4 Concept

Salient Features

Regenerative Payload for GSAT-3 & Advanced Communication Series Satellite

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Wireless Communication Technologies

The IEEE 802.11a standards

Background:802.11 MAC Layer

Design challenges

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On Board Processing For Multimedia Satellite Services

A New Paradigm: Geo-stationary Satellite Clusters with ISL

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Generic Advantages