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Table of contents

Trends in Optical Networks

1990s: High Capacity Backbones

Debottlenecking the First Mile

What is Next-Generation SDH/SONET?

Ethernet Support in Next-Generation SDH

PowerPoint Presentation

Limitations of the traditional WAN Solution

Ethernet-over SDH/SONET

Case 1: Integrated IP/TDM Network: A Typical Requirement

Traditional Solution: Building an overlay network with SDH and IP elements

Integrated TDM/IP Service Network: Built using next-generation SDH

Case 2: ISP Backbone over SONET/SDH

Solution for the PoPs

Solution for the Gateway site

Case 3: Ethernet Leased Line Services over Existing Infrastructure

Transport for Mobile Voice/Data Networks

Functions needed for mapping Ethernet to SONET/SDH

Relevant Standards

EoS Mapping: without virtual concatenation

EoS Mapping: with virtual concatenation

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Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS)

Cost-Reducing EoS: Partial Protection

Ethernet over SDH (EoS): Summary

Global Trends

Integrated Wide-Band Cross-Connects

Cross-Connects in Transmission Networks

Case 4: Ring Inter-connection with a Patch Panel

Ring Inter-connection: Cross-Connect

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Intelligence in Next-Generation SDH/SONET

What is the “Intelligence” in “Intelligent Optical Networks?”

Intelligence in Next-Generation SDH

GMPLS Protocols for “Intelligence”

Network Planning & Point-and-Click Provisioning

Restoration with Pre-emption

Application of GMPLS: Restoration

Advantages of Intelligent SDH/SONET Networks

Summary of Trends

Billing Trends