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X-rays as a probe of the Universe

Probing the Universe …..

Flux = sT4 umax = 1011 T (in Kelvin)

History of x-ray astronomy

X-ray Production

X-ray spectra

Celestial sphere as seen by UHURU (1970)

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X-rays from accreting binary systems

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Neutron stars: Black Hole:

Primary X-ray emission mechanism: Accretion

Key observational characteristics of XRBs

Estimating mass of compact object (binary systems)

Measured NS masses

Black hole candidates


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The Indian effort: …. The next step “a multwavelength observatory”

GRS1915+105 (Black Hole candidate)

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Effective areas: ASTROSAT vs other missions

Soft X-ray telescope: Some challenges

Principle of X-ray focussing

Mirror fabrication steps

Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT)

Unique contributions are expected from …...

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