• Sohoni Kamala

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section B

    • The enzymes of some elasmobranchs from Bombay - III. Amylases ofScoliodon sorrakowah andSphyrna blochii

      D S Ghanekar D V Bal Sohoni Kamala

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      1. InS. sorrakowah andS. blochii amylolytic activity is maximum in pancreas, minimum in intestine, muscle, heart and brain, intermediate in liver, spleen and kidney and absent in stomach and ampullæ of lorenzini.

      2. Pancreas and liver of both the fishes and pig pancreas containα-andβ-amylases. Kidney amylase is anα-amylase and spleen amylase is aβ-amylase.

      3. InS. sorrakowah and pig there seems to be probable interconversion of pancreaticα-amylase ⇋β-amylase under the influence of Ca++.

      4. Both water and aqueous glycerol are equivalent extractants of enzyme. Desmo-amylase seems to be predominantly ofα-type and lyoamylase ofβ-type.

      5. Pancreatic lyo-amylase of both the fishes shows the presence of proamylase.


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