• R P Srivastava

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section B

    • The genitalia ofOryctes rhinoceros linn. (Coleoptera, lamellicornia, dynastinæ)

      P N Mathur R P Srivastava A N T Joseph

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      1. Each testis is followed by two vasa deferentia, which join to form a common vas deferens.

      2. The ejaculatory duct opens into the phallus.

      3. The ædeagus is a curved organ, bifurcated at the distal end.

      4. In the external genitalia of male, the eighth abdominal sternite is reduced; the ninth is represented by spiculum gastrale, whereas the tenth is absent. In the female, the eighth is reduced, the ninth surrounds the genit a chamber, and the tenth is absent.

      5. There are two ovaries, the egg tube is acrotropic.

      6. The oviducts unite to form the uterus.

      7. The spermatheca and the accessory gland join the bursa copulatrix which in turn opens into the genital chamber.


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