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      Articles written in Proceedings – Section B

    • The proteins of groundnut (peanut),Arachis hypogaea, linn

      W V Kotasthane N Narayana

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    • The proteins of Bajri (Pennisetum typhoideum)

      V S Abhyankar W V Kotastane N Narayana

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      Bajri contains about two-fifths of its proteins as a prolamin and one-fifth as a globulin. The latter can be fractionated into two proteins, a small part A coagulating at 43°–45° C. and the larger part B coagulating at 83°–85° C.

      The nitrogen distribution of prolamin and total globulin and its two fractions, globulin A and globulin B, have been studied and essential amino acids determined. Globulin A is richer in cystine and histidine but is poorer in lysine and arginine, the latter being half that in globulin B.

      The prolamin compares favourably with, the prolamins of other cereals. Being rich in tryptophane and cystine it should possess a good nutritive value and be a useful complementary protein to the pulse proteins which are poor in these amino-acids.

    • Soil amendments and phosphate availability

      G P Gokhale M M Kibe N Narayana

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      In order to assess the efficiency of different P-carriers it is necessary to know not only how it affects the total supply of available phosphate but also the rate at which the phosphate is released in an available form for the use of the plants.

      On the basis of the above two factors the results of these studies may now be summarised as under:-

      From the point of view of the total supply of available phosphorus, superphosphate as well as bone meal are almost four times as efficient as rock phosphate in the Karjat soil. Whereas the rate of supply of phosphates goes on decreasing in the case of superphosphate, that in the case of bone meal shows a continuous increase. As regards the effect of different soil amendments when used in conjunction with the phosphatic fertilisers, the total available phosphorus as well as its rate of supply is adversely affected when sulphur is applied along with superphosphate. The organic soil amendments have not produced any effect on the total as well as on the rate of supply of available phosphorus when they are added along with superphosphate. Whereas the addition of sulphur along with either rock phosphate or bone meal has increased the availability of phosphorus, the organic amendments do not seem to have any effect, mohua flowers on the other hand having depressed the rate of release of phosphorus when applied with bone meal.


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