• K R Chandra Reddy

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section B

    • Discosiella Sydow andDiscosiellina gen. nov.

      C V Subramanian K R Chandra Reddy

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      Discosiella cylindrospora H. and P. Sydow, the type species of the genusDiscosiella H. and P. Sydow, is redescribed from a study of type material. It is concluded that the conidial appendages of this fungus are mucoid in nature, a fact not mentioned by the Sydows in their diagnosis and description. The diagnosis ofDiscosiella is suitably emended. From the original description ofD. longiciliata Agnihothrudu, supplemented by a study of the type material of this species, it is concluded that it cannot be retained in the genusDiscosiella as emended in this paper and is now accommodated in a new genusDiscosiellina asD. longiciliata (Agnihothrudu) comb. nov.


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