• B N Uppal

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section B

    • Powdery mildew of betel vines

      B N Uppal M N Kamat M K Patel

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      The fungus causing powdery mildew of betel vines is described as a new species ofOidium. The symptoms of the disease, which is localised at Bassein and Kelva Mahim in Thana District of Bombay Province, are described. Powdery mildew can be easily checked by dusting betel vines with finely powdered sulphur.

    • Influence of root excretions and germinating seeds on nitrogen-fixation by Azotobacter

      B N Uppal J A Daji M K Patel

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      In the presence of growing roots of wheat, radish, rice andjowar in Ashby’s cultures,Azotobacter fixed larger amounts of atmospheric nitrogen than in their absence. The stimulating effect, however, varied with the kind of plant used, wheat exerting the greatest beneficial effect followed closely by radish. Rice andjowar were poor in this respect and exerted an almost equal degree of stimulation.

      None of the seeds tested possessed any power of fixing elemental nitrogen during germination and the subsequent growth of the seedlings.


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