• VR Ramanathan

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Some polishing experiments on copper in a hyperbolic cell

      VR Ramanathan Indra Sanghi

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      Some polishing experiments have been carried out on copper anodes in a hyperbolic cell designed by Gilmont and Walton, using orthophosphoric acid as the electrolyte. The results obtained have been compared to those obtained in similar experiments in a Hull cell. It has been found that very similar bands of different reflectivity and polishes are found to form in both the cells. These bands shift with time and a study of such displacements has been made. The results are briefly discussed.

    • Polarisation and polishing studies on copper in a Hull cell

      Indra Sanghi VR Ramanathan

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      In continuation of our previous work,1–2 the effects of polishing time, sp. gr. of the electrolyte, addition of EDTA, electrolyte level, etc., on the position, size and shape of the variously polished bands obtained in a Hull cell have now been studied. I–V measurement when carried out showed that total cell voltage increases regularly with total cell current, thereby affording no explanation for the variously polished bands. However, with a specially designed probe electrode,3 it has been possible to study the current distribution as existing during polarisation at different points of the anode surface and thus offer some explanation for the appearance of variously polished bands which could not be interpreted earlier in terms of electrode potentials.


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