• V V S S Tilak

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    • Geochemical studies in the uranium prospect at Umra, Rajasthan - I. Geochemistry of waters

      V V S S Tilak U Aswathanarayana

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      With the objective of investigating the geochemistry of the natural waters of the uranium prospect at Umra, Rajasthan, the concentrations of uranium, nickel, cobalt, copper, vanadium, etc., in the natural waters have been determined and their distribution patterns have been interpreted in the light of the geology of the area, the climatic and hydrological conditions prevalent there and the geochemical behaviour of the elements concerned. It is found that there is a marked contrast in the uranium content of winze and well-waters. The presence of copper in waters despite their high pH is ascribed to the tendency of copper to form colloidal suspension of basic carbonates. The observation, that vanadium is present in the secondary uranium-vanadium minerals but is absent in the waters, could be explained in the light of the geochemical behaviour of the element. The concentration of cobalt in most of the water samples and its absence in some is traceable to the controlling effect of pH on the mobility of cobalt. Nickel in waters might have been ‘scavenged’ and absorbed on hydrated iron oxides, which explains the absence of nickel in waters. Mention is made of the health hazard involved in drinking water from one of the wells with high content of uranium.


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