• V V R Varadachari

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Some studies on wave refraction in relation to beach erosion along the kerala coast

      P K Das V Hariharan V V R Varadachari

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      Using the British Admiralty bathymetric charts off the West Coast of India and employing the graphical method of constructing wave refraction diagrams, an attempt is made to study the behaviour of the shortperiod waves (4, 5 and 6 seconds) which are found to affect the coast generally in the neighbourhood of Cochin Port entrance. Nineteen stations, at intervals of roughly one mile, are chosen around the three-fathom line in this area. Considering a probable field of approach of deep-water waves, limited to a cone of 90°, five directions of approach are chosen at intervals of 22 1/2;° in the range of 202 1/2° to 292 1/2°. Refraction diagrams are prepared for these directions and periods, and from these, the refraction functions and directional parameters are evaluated for each station. The possible directions of flow of long-shore current and the areas vulnerable to erosion and sedimentation are investigated.

    • Stability of the coastline from Manakkodam to Thottappally along the Kerala coast

      P Udaya Varma V V R Varadachari

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      Wave refraction studies were undertaken to assess the stability of the coastline from Manakkodam to Thottappally, along the Kerala coast. Refraction diagrams were constructed for waves of different periods and directions of approach and the cumulative effect of the sediment transport was assessed for the particular region under study. The study reveals that the coastline north of Alleppey is on the whole a stable one. The stability of the beaches on the southern side from Alleppey Pier to Thottappally spillway, is more dependent on the changes in offshore relief.


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