• V Sundara Raman

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    • Spectrophotometric determination of the dissociation constants of 4-(p-nitrophenyl-azo)-8-hydroxy-quinoline

      N A Ramaiah V Sundara Raman

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      Absorption spectra of 4-(p-nitrophenyl-azo)-8-hydroxy-quinoline (NQOH) in the visible region was studied at different pH values in the range 4–12. NQOH exhibited two absorption maxima, one at λ = 480 mμ in acid solution and the other at λ = 600 mμ in alkaline solution. The absorption at λ = 600 mμ was markedly variant with the pH of the solution; the data indicated two dissociation processes presumably due to the ampholytic character of NQOH with 7·3 and 8·1 for pKb and pKa referring in acidic and basic dissociation processes, respectively. The optical density values calculated from these constants agreed closely with the observed data.


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