• S Ramaswamy

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    • Rapid alignment of crystals in x-ray cameras

      S Ramaswamy S Ramaseshan

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      The misalignment in the setting of a crystal in the Weissenberg goniometer is determined from the measurement of the displacement of the spots from the central line atθ=±45° with the arcs set in the parallel-perpendicular position (Hendershot, 1937) or in the 45° position (Davis, 1950). When reflections are not present atθ=±45° a graphical straight line method has been suggested by Garaycocheaet al. (1961).

      Another graphical method called the “Ellipse method” suggested in the paper does not involve too much calculation after the measurement and hence is easy in application, accurate in the determination of errors and economical in time.


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