• R H Ramachandra Rao

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Pigments of cotton flowers - Part I. Cambodia (Gossypium hirsutum)

      K Neelakantam R H Ramachandra Rao T R Seshadri

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      The Cambodia cotton flowers (G. hirsutum) contain a good amount of pigment (3%) in spite of their feeble ivory colour. In one sample the pigment was found to be mainly Quercimeritrin along with a small quantity of Quercetin, whereas in another sample collected next year Quercetin formed 75% of the total pigment and Quercimeritrin only 25%. In the nature of the pigments these flowers differ from the yellow American upland cotton (G. hirsutum) which have been reported to contain Quercimeritrin and Isoquercitrin. It is therefore concluded that the nature of the pigments vary with (1) the variety, (2) the locality, and (3) the season.

    • Pigments of cotton flowers - Part II. Uppam (Gossypium herbaceum)

      K Neelakantam T R Seshadri R H Ramachandra Rao

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      The flower petals of the Uppam cotton plant (G. herbaceum) contain as their main components gossypitrin and quercetin. An appreciable quantity of a new glycosidic pigment and a small quantity of gossypetin were also isolated. Uppam petals, therefore, differ in their composition from those ofG. herbaceum examined by Perkin who probably obtained his supply of the petals from the North Indian variety. His results indicated that gossypitrin was the main component and that isoquercitrin was present in small quantities.


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