• M G K Menon

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Stratospheric flights over tropical latitudes with polyethylene balloons of large volume

      G S Gokhale M G K Menon R T Redkar

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      Balloons, upto two million cubic feet in volume, made out of locally extruded polyethylene film ·0011 inches thick, have been successfully flown and altitudes of upto 120,000 ft. attained. Instrumented pay-loads upto 100 kg. in weight have been floated at level ceilings around these altitudes. Various aspects, (such as balloon material, shape and design, and launching methods), which relate to the technique of flying polyethylene balloons of large volume over tropical latitudes are briefly discussed.

    • Multiple muon events observed underground

      M R Krishnaswamy M G K Menon V S Narasimham K Hinotani S Kawakami S Miyake

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      Observations are reported on events involving multiple penetrating particles recorded in a scintillator-neon flash tube telescope, at a depth of 1500 hg/cm2 in the Kolar Gold Mines. From these, it is shown that: (1) the cross-section for nuclear interaction of muons of average energy ∼200 GeV is ∼ 6 × 10−30 cm2/nucleon; (2) the decoherence curve for events involving two parallel muons is uniform over the range of distances from 0 to 2 metres; and (3) the angular distribution of double-parallel muons closely resembles that of single muons, implying that these two types of events are probably produced in the atmosphere in a similar manner.


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