• D S Narayanamurthi

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    • Brucine sulphate as an internal indicator in titrations with standard dichromate solution

      D S Narayanamurthi T R Seshadri

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      Brucine sulphate has been shown to be a good internal indicator for titrations with dichromate and in certain respects superior to diphenylamine. The colour change from green to bright red at the end point is much more pronounced than the change from green to blue in the case of diphenylamine.

      It has been shown that in titrations with potassium permanganate solutions, the disturbing effects due to the presence of hydrochloric acid may be obviated by using brucine as an internal indicator. The presence of ferric iron has not been found to interfere with the sharpness of the end point.

      The use of this indicator in the analysis of chromium ores and in the estimation of organic matter in soils by the Schöllenberger method has been indicated.


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