• D S Gupta

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Nuclear oxidation in flavones and related compounds - Part XLVI. Synthesis in the primetin series

      V K Ahluwalia D S Gupta V V S Murti T R Seshadri

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      The two higher analogues of 5-hydroxy flavone (primuletin) containing two and three methoxyl groups in the side phenyl nucleus have been synthesised and subjected to persulphate oxidation. 5-Hydroxy-3′:4′-dimethoxy flavone gave poor yield of dimethoxy primetin while the higher member could not be oxidised under these conditions. Alternatively, oxidation of 8-hydroxy flavones has been attempted and found to proceed more satisfactorily to yield primetin and its higher members. The required 8-hydroxy flavones have been made from 2:3-dihydroxy acetophenone for the preparation of which a convenient method has been worked out starting from ortho vanillin.


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