• D Ramachandra Rao

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • F2Δr−A2Πi band system of CN

      B L Jha D Ramachandra Rao

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      The spectrum of CN has been studied in condensed electrical discharge through flowing CH3CN vapour. Ten new bands of F2†,−A2Πi system in the region 2100–2700 Å are obtained. The vibrational constantsω0′ = 1229.7 cm.−1 and ω0′χ0= 14.0 cm.−1 are obtained for the first time for the2Δ state of CN.

    • The probable iodine molecular lasers in the violet and ultraviolet regions

      Putcha Venkateswarlu D Ramachandra Rao

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      Iodine when excited in the presence of argon shows three band systems in the regions 4420–4000 Å., 3,460–3015 Å. and 2785–2731 Å. all of which involve OuEmphasis>+ (3πu) state at 15642 cm.−1 as the common lower state. It is pointed out in this article that the transitions involving the first two band systems are suitable for laser action as these transitions are very strong and as their common lower state gets efficiently flushed out due to the crossing or touching of a OuEmphasis>− repulsive state while a continued high frequency discharge through a mixture of iodine and argon would keep the upper state populated all the time. Tuning of the interferometer system is expected to make this laser action possible in a wide range of frequencies.


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