• C Venkatarao

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    • A new separation of the components ofPsoralea corylifolia, Linn.

      T R Seshadri C Venkatarao

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      The components of the seeds have been obtained in a greater number of fractions which are fairly homogeneous by using a new method of analysis. It consists in extracting the entire seed with ether in the cold thereby removing all the components of the pericarp. This portion has been separated as the volatile essential oil, non-volatile terpenoid oil and alkali-soluble resin. The rest of the seed is crushed and extracted with petroleum ether. This gives rise to a good yield of the bitter principles as crystalline solids and the fixed oil in a pure condition. The physical and chemical properties of the pure fixed oil and its component acids and certain properties of the terpenoid oil have been studied in detail. A sterol (Phytosterol) in the form of its acetate has been isolated from the unsaponifiable portion of the fixed oil. The residual cake contains only traces of the bitter solid, a good percentage of proteins and mineral matter and is suitable as a feeding stuff and manure. Some of the fractions have definite action on the skin.


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