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      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Determination of magnesium and residual manganese in rocks and minerals with 8-hydroxy-quinoline

      C Karunakaran K Neelakantam

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      The magnesia and residual manganese have been precipitated together with oxine, the content of the latter determined colorimetrically and that of the former calculated by difference in the analyses of samples of charnockite, leptynite and garnet. The results obtained are compared with those obtained in parallel determinations carried out by the pyrophosphate method and improved accuracy in the estimation of residual manganese as well as magnesia claimed.

    • Samarskite from Nellore district - Part I. Uranium and earth acid contents

      C Karunakaran K Neelakantam

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      Sixty samples of samarskite were collected from a mica pegmatite vein in Nellore district, S. India.

      The physical and chemical properties of six representative samples from this collection were studied.

      Numbers 1 and 6 of the selected samples of samarskite were intergrown with Columbite-Tantalite.

      The specific gravity of these six specimens varies from 5·567 to 5·776. The hardness is between 5 and 6. The colour varies from dark steel grey to velvet-black and the streak is generally brown to dark-brown. They all break with conchoidal fracture.

      Specimen No. 1 which is an intergrowth of samarskite with Columbite-Tantalite was polished and placed in contact with a panchromatic photographic plate. Only the samarskite portion affected the photographic plate.

      The chemical analysis of samarskite shows a variation in UO3 percentage from 4·2 to 10·5% and the Nb2O5+Ta2O5 from 53·4 to 69·7%. Attention is drawn to the fact that the UO3 percentages of samarskite from the Nellore area differ from those of North Carolina.

    • Samarskite from Nellore District - Part II. Chemical composition

      C Karunakaran K Neelakantam

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      A typical sample of samarskite has been analysed and the results reported.

      The thoria content of the sample is 1·98%.

      The percentage of cerium earths present in this sample is relatively much smaller than found in samples from North America. Our sample contains 0·4% ceria.

      Hexavalent uranium has not been found in the sample but this is of no special significance.

      The radium contents is 1·0 gr. in 39· 71 tons and the Nellore samarskite is nearly as rich as Katanga Carnotite in this element.

    • Concentration of graphites from the eastern ghats

      C Karunakaran M Narasinga Rao

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      From the above results it is clear that the purification of graphite of low grade can be effected by a series of mechanical operations which are simple in nature. Selective grinding of the material and hydraulic classification of the same may be used as a step preliminary to the froth flotation to increase the capacity of the plants. It is concluded that with pine oil as frother, oleic acid as the collector, the froth flotation gives best results.

      The authors wish to express their thanks to Prof. C. Mahadevan and Dr. K. Neelakantam for their keen interest in the work.


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