• B N Acharya

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    • Conductivity and cataphoretic speed measurements of Benzopurpurin 4B, Congo Red and Sky Blue F.F.

      B N Acharya A M Patel B N Desai

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      Measurements of conductivity and cataphoretic speed of pure Benzopurpurin 4B, Congo Red and Sky Blue F.F. have been made and it is found that on increasing the concentration of the dye solutions although the equivalent conductivity continuously decreases the cataphoretic speed increases regularly. The cataphoretic speed of Benzopurpurin 4B first increases and then decreases with the progress of dialysis. On adding small increasing amounts of sodium chloride to Benzopurpurin 4B and Congo Red and barium chloride to Sky Blue F.F. the cataphoretic speed first increases and then decreases. The changes in conductivity and cataphoretic speed are explained on the basis of aggregation of the dye ions to form ionic micelles. It is shown that the process of dyeing of cotton fibre by substantive dyestuffs in the presence of salt can be easily understood on the basis of aggregation of dye ions.


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