• B L K Somayajulu

      Articles written in Proceedings – Section A

    • Cosmic ray produced silicon-32 in near-coastal waters

      B L K Somayajulu

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      The specific activity of Silicon-32 is measured is near-coastal seawaters using anin situ method for the extraction of dissolved silica. The results are discussed in relation to the input of Si32 at the surfacevia rains, the expected variation in its concentrations due to continental run-off and influx of open ocean surface waters. The experimental results clearly demonstrate the usefulness of Si32 as a tracer for the study of the vertical structure of the ocean in the upper layers, and of seasonal variations in the types of waters entering in the coastal regions.

    • U234/U238 activity ratios in South Pacific Ocean waters

      S Krishnaswamy D Lal B L K Somayajulu

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      Analyses of uranium extracted from South Pacific waters by thein-situ extraction method point to a uniform depth independent value of 1·14 ±0 02 for the U234/U238 activity ratio. This value is also the same, within one standard deviation, as that determined for the N. Pacific, S. Indian and Atlantic waters.

    • An improved method of silicon-32 measurement of groundwaters

      V N Nijampurkar B L K Somayajulu

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      A rapid method of separation of32P from32Si by hydrofluorisation saves considerable amount of time besides being more efficient in the chemical recovery of phosphorus. Similarly, 4π beta counting of32P activity allows a more accurate estimation of small amounts of this activity. These improvements make it possible to reliably measure amounts of32Si as low as 0·1 dpm present in about 10 tons of water.

    • Concerning mercury in meteorites

      B L K Somayajulu

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      The mercury concentration of all analyzed meteorites (falls) shows an increasing trend with their terrestrial age. Such a trend, in view of the intense Hg pollution of the earth, warrants careful selection of well preserved and well documented specimens for analysis.


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