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    • Parameter estimation of linear and quadratic chirps by employing the fractional fourier transform and a generalized time frequency transform

      Shishir B Sahay T Meghasyam Rahul K Roy Gaurav Pooniwala Sasank Chilamkurthy Vikram Gadre

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      This paper is targeted towards a general readership in signal processing. It intends to provide a brief tutorial exposure to the Fractional Fourier Transform, followed by a report on experiments performed by the authors on a Generalized Time Frequency Transform (GTFT) proposed by them in an earlier paper. The paper also discusses the extension of the uncertainty principle to the GTFT. This paper discusses some analytical results of the GTFT. We identify the eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of the GTFT. The time shift property of the GTFT is discussed. The paper describes methods for estimation of parameters of individual chirp signals on receipt of a noisy mixture of chirps. A priori knowledge of the nature of chirp signals in the mixture – linear or quadratic is required, as the two proposed methods fall in the category of model-dependent methods for chirp parameter estimation.

    • Towards smartphone-based touchless fingerprint recognition


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      The widely used conventional touch-based fingerprint identification system has drawbacks like the elastic deformation due to nonuniform pressure, fingerprints collection time and hygiene. To overcome these drawbacks, recently the touchless fingerprint technology is gaining popularity and various touchless fingerprintacquisition solutions have been proposed. Nowadays due to the wide use of the smartphone in various biometric applications, smartphone-based touchless fingerprint systems using an embedded camera have been proposed inthe literature. These touchless fingerprint images are very different from conventional ink-based and live-scan fingerprints. Due to varying contrast, illumination and magnification, the existing touch-based fingerprint matchers do not perform well while extracting reliable minutiae features. A touchless fingerprint recognition system using a smartphone is proposed in this paper, which incorporates a novel monogenic-wavelet-based algorithm for enhancement of touchless fingerprints using phase congruency features. For the comparativeperformance analysis of our system, we created a new touchless fingerprint database using the developed android app and this is publicly made available along with its corresponding live-scan images for further research. The experimental results in both verification and identification mode on this database are obtained using three widely used touch-based fingerprint matchers. The results show a significant improvement in Rank-1 accuracy and equal error rate (EER) achieved using the proposed system and the results are comparable to thatof the touch-based system.

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