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    • Mathematical modelling of PV array under partial shading condition


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      This paper proposes mathematical modelling of photovoltaic (PV) array under partial shading condition. The proposed mathematical modelling is capable of predicting the output characteristics of PV array of any dimension, made of any kind of PV modules, having any number of bypass diodes, and for any shadingpattern (irradiance and temperature) by utilizing only the values of the parameters of PV module provided in the manufacturer’s datasheets. Although the proposed modelling can be implemented by any software tool, in thispaper, it has been implemented using MATLAB programming. The proposed modelling has been validated on two PV arrays ((i) PV array made of four WS-330 PV modules configured in SP configuration and (ii) PV array made of four HSTBF24265P PV modules configured in TCT configuration) for in total of five test cases to establish its robustness. The test cases cover situations ranging from the most probable to least probable shading scenarios. The results generated by MATLAB programming of the proposed equations of PV array under uniform irradiance condition and partial shading condition have been validated by the results obtained by MATLAB simulation. The proposed modelling has also been experimentally validated on the aforementionedPV arrays.

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