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    • Identifying the best market to sell: A cost function formulation

      Sunil Kumar Kopparapu Vikram Saxena

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      One of the main objectives of a farmer is to sell his final agricultural produce so as to maximize his profits. While he has several options, in terms of the markets where he can sell his produce, he is faced with a dilemma of identifying a market where he should sell his produce. There are several factors, like

      the distance of the market from the farmers location

      the type of produce

      the transportation cost

      the time taken to transport

      that determine and influence the choice of market to sell. The main contributions of this paper include

      the formulation of an optimization problem to identifying the best where and when to sell and

      demonstrating the usefulness of the formulation on real world data.

    • Spoken Indian language identification: a review of features and databases


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      Spoken language is one of the distinctive characteristics of the human race. Spoken language processing is a branch of computer science that plays an important role in human–computer interaction (HCI), which has made remarkable advancement in the last two decades. This paper reviews and summarizes theacoustic, phonetic and prosody features that have been used for spoken language identification specifically for Indian languages. In addition, we also review the speech databases, which are already available for Indian languages and can be used for the purposes of spoken language identification.

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