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    • Evaluation of microstructure of A356 aluminum alloy casting prepared under vibratory conditions during the solidification


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      The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the effect of vibrations (during solidification) on the metallurgical properties of A356 aluminum casting. Mechanical vibrations were applied to A356 aluminum alloy through set up. A356 melt has been subjected to mechanical vibration with the frequency range from 0 to 400 Hz with constant amplitude 5 lm. Grain refinement was obtained through mold vibration. Metallurgical properties were examined through optical microstructure, tensile fracture scanning electron microscope (SEM) and SEM image of test specimens prepared under different conditions of solidification. Results indicate that mold vibration effectively modified the microstructure of A356 casting and it has uniform and smaller grain sizewith fibrous silicon particle than nonvibrated casting. Grain refinement results increase in mechanical properties with increase in frequency of vibration of mold during the solidification. SEM micrograph of tensile fracture surface was carried out to study the influence of microstructure on fracture mode. SEM image of tensile fractured surface shows transgranular cleavage facets due to fracture of primary silicon particles. Fractures are brittle in nature so observation indicates low ductility and brittle fracture.

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