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    • On the phase interpolation problem — A brief review and some new results

      S C Dutta Roy Shailey Minocha

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      Reconstruction of a signal from the phase of its Fourier transform is important and useful in a variety of practical applications. In this paper, we give a brief review of the previous results and develop some new ones pertaining to the phase-only reconstruction problem. The review includes conditions under which the signal is uniquely specified by its Fourier transform phase and some algorithms for performing the reconstruction. New results consist of an extension of a previous technique and an explicit formula for reconstruction. A number of potential applications of the reconstruction techniques are briefly mentioned in the concluding section.

    • Note on a new bridged-T null network


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      A new bridged-T null network is presented in this note, together with its detailed analysis.

    • Revisiting passive RC networks with over unity gain


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      In this letter, passive RC networks having over unity gain have been revisited. Several works are reviewed, analyzed, if necessary, and conditions of over unity gain are found out by analysis or simulation. A new network is also presented for the same purpose. The aim has been to bring the existing works to the noticeof the concerned students and teachers, and also authors of text/reference books.

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    • Editorial Note on Continuous Article Publication

      Posted on July 25, 2019

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