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    • Statistical analysis and optimization of process parameters in development of metal matrix composite using industrial waste


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      Bauxite residue (BR) is the hazardous waste produced during extraction of alumina by processing of bauxite ore. BR has an adverse effect on humans and the environment due to its disposable problem. To minimize the environmental impact, BR must be effectively utilized. One such way is to use BR as a reinforcing for metal matrix composite. In this study, Taguchi’s mixed fractional factorial experimentation (L18) approach is employed in the development of Al6063/BR composite through advanced stir casting process. The processparameters considered are stirring speed (rpm), reinforcement particle size (lm), reinforcement weight fraction (wt%) by weight of the matrix phase, pouring temperature (°C), and preheat temperature (°C). Later, ANOVA results indicate that particle percentage (wt%) is the major contributor in the development of porosity content. Moreover, the interaction of process parameters was also found to have an impact on porosity content. The outcome of the study reveals that the stirring intensity at 350 rpm, particle size at 80 lm, particle percentage at 2 wt%, pouring temperature at 730 °C, and preheat reinforcement temperature at 450 °C are the optimal conditions for fabricating defect free Al6063/BR composite

    • Mechanical, tribological and microstructural characterization of stir cast Al-6061 metal/matrix composites—a comprehensive review


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      Aluminum 6061 is a heat-treated, extruded alloy used for various engineering and structural components such as wings and fuselage of aircraft, railings, window frames, driveshaft and valves, etc. Al-6061 is widely used amongst its 6000 aluminum series because of its outstanding properties like medium to highstrength, excellent environmental resistance, low density, high elongation at break and superior machinability. This paper aims to review the mechanical, tribological and microstructural characterization of stir cast Al-6061 metal/matrix composites (MMCs). In this review article an attempt has been made to demonstrate the effect of different reinforcements on metallurgical behavior of Al-6061 MMC. The particulates reinforcements like SiC, Al2O3, Gr, B4C, TiC, fly ash, bagasse ash and red mud were dispersed with Al-6061 alloy through stir casting route as single, dual and triple reinforcements. The experimental results showed significant improvement in tribological and mechanical properties of Al-6061 MMC as compared with Al-6061 alloy. The overall characterizationsof Al-6061 MMC are summarized with key findings, which will provide a methodical approach for researchers in selecting optimized parameters for the fabrication of aluminum-based MMC.

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