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    • Estimation of critical rotation rates for suppression of steady separation bubble behind a circular cylinder


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      An effort has been made in this paper to numerically estimate the critical rotational speeds for which the steady separation bubble completely disappears behind a circular cylinder. The cylinder is subjected to an unconfined free stream flow, however, fictitious confining boundaries are considered for computationalconvenience. The Reynolds numbers computed from the free stream flow velocity are considered in the range of 10–40. In this range of Reynolds number, the flow around a stationary circular cylinder remains steady and separated with the formation of a recirculation zone through counter-rotating vortices (separation bubble) behind the body. Rotational motion is provided to the cylinder that causes stabilization of the flow field. The separation bubble vanishes and an attached type flow feature is observed. The rotational speeds at which the recirculating zone behind the cylinder completely vanishes in the said range of Reynolds number are considered as the critical rotation rates. The aerodynamic coefficients are obtained for the specific operating conditions and a regimediagram is produced depicting the separated and the attached flows.

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