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    • Novel realizations of digitally controlled low power current controlled current conveyor for tuning filter outputs with constant power consumption


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      This paper presents a dual output resistance tunable current controlled current conveyor (DORTCCCII). In the existing current conveyor the change in bias current is required to alter the design parameter Rx which is the intrinsic resistance of input X terminal. This variation changes the internal dc bias conditions such as saturation margins as well as total power consumption of the block. A resistance trimming block is added at X terminal which is controlled by some programmable bits. The usage of programmable bits helps to achieve the desired response without changing bias current, dc operating point and total power consumption. The port relationships of the DO-RTCCCII block are checked and the circuit and design parameters of current follower, voltage follower are analyzed. The operation of filter circuit is also included to illustrate usefulness ofthe proposal. The circuit has been designed and simulated using 28 nm CMOS bulk technology model parameters on Cadence Virtuoso/AMS environment (eldo simulator) using 0.75 V supply voltage and results have been verified with post layout netlist.

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