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    • Propagation of Love waves in an elastic layer with void pores

      S Dey S Gupta A K Gupta

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      The paper presents a study of propagation of Love waves in a poroelastic layer resting over a poro-elastic half-space. Pores contain nothing of mechanical or energetic significance. The study reveals that such a medium transmits two types of love waves. The first front depends upon the modulus of rigidity of the elastic matrix of the medium and is the same as the love wave in an elastic layer over an elastic half-space. The second front depends upon the change in volume fraction of the pores. As the first front is well-known, the second front has been investigated numerically for different values of void parameters. It is observed that the second front is many times faster than the shear wave in the void medium due to change in volume fraction of the pores and is significant

    • Optimization of PV array inclination in India using ANN estimator: Method comparison study

      T V Dixit Anamika Yadav S Gupta

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      The network of solar power plants in distributed power system (in India) is growing exponentially. Since tilt angle affects the energy collection by solar panels, the conduction of experiments to find optimum tilt angle is expensive and time consuming in each location. Although different non-linear, empirical models have been proposed by different researchers in India, they have too many constraints and needs complex and rigorous computational effort each time. In this paper, a data driven approach such as ANN estimator has been proposed to estimate (𝛽opt) at which solar energy collection of Photo-Voltaic Array (PVA) will be maximum at selected cities of India. The latitude (𝜙) elevation (𝐸L) from sea level and monthly mean hourly and daily global solar irradiance (𝐻g) of location are taken into account for this study. The ANN estimator takes 𝐻g, 𝜙 and 𝐸L of site as inputs which are easily available and estimate optimum tilt angle almost instantaneously while testing. The proposed ANN estimator results are compared with analytical results. To validate the performance of ANN estimator results, statistical analysis study is carried out. Where, two statistical approaches such as descriptive method and Altman–Bland methods are applied. The ANA estimator results are found much close to ANA results at 95% confidence interval under statistical study.

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