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    • Punjabi to UNL enconversion system

      Parteek Kumar R K Sharma

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      This paper reports the work for the EnConversion of input Punjabi sentences to an interlingua representation called Universal Networking Language (UNL). The UNL system consists of two main components, namely, EnConverter (used for converting the text from a source language to UNL) and DeConverter (used for converting the text from UNL to a target language). This paper discusses the framework for designing the EnConverter for Punjabi language with a special focus on generation of UNL attributes and relations from Punjabi source text. It also describes the working of Punjabi Shallow Parser used for the processing of the input sentence, which performs the tasks of Tokenizer, Morph-analyzer, Part-of-Speech Tagger and Chunker. This paper also considers the seven phases used in the process of EnConversion of input Punjabi text to UNL representation. The paper highlights the EnConversion analysis rules used for the EnConverter and indicates its usage in the generation of UNL expressions. This paper also covers the results of implementation of Punjabi EnConverter and its evaluation on sample UNL sentences available at Spanish Language Server. The accuracy of the developed system has also been presented in this paper.

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