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    • Dual solutions of Casson fluid flow over a stretching or shrinking sheet

      Peri K Kameswaran S Shaw P Sibanda

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      The stagnation-point flow of an incompressible non-Newtonian Casson fluid over a stretching sheet in the presence of Soret and Dufour effects is investigated. The resulting partial differential equations are reduced to a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations using similarity transformations and solved using the Matlab bvp4c package. A comparison is made with the results available in the literature and found to be in good agreement. Dual solutions for the velocity, temperature, concentration and skin friction were obtained for some special cases when the stretching parameter is negative. The effect of the Casson parameter on the skin friction, heat transfer and mass transfer rates is discussed.

    • Mixed convective heat transfer from a vertical plate embedded in a saturated non-Darcy porous medium with concentration and melting effect

      K Hemalatha Peri K Kameswaran M V D N S Madhavi

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      The effect of melting and solute dispersion on heat and mass transfer in non-Darcy fluid flow over a vertical surface has been studied numerically in the present article. The flow is assumed to be laminar and steady state. Using similarity transformations, the governing boundary layer equations are transformed into self-similar nonlinear ordinary differential equations, which are then solved by using boundary value problem solver. A comparison with the numerical results made for different 𝑅𝑎/𝑃𝑒 values in the absence of some particular parameters. The velocity and concentration inside the boundary layer are observed to be influenced by the parameters like 𝑅𝑎/𝑃𝑒, 𝐿, 𝐵, 𝑀. The flow heat and mass transfer coefficients are discussed through the plots.

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