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    • Novel quantum inspired binary neural network algorithm


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      In this paper, a quantum based binary neural network algorithm is proposed, named as novel quantum binary neural network algorithm (NQ-BNN). It forms a neural network structure by deciding weights and separability parameter in quantum based manner. Quantum computing concept represents solution probabilistically and gives large search space to find optimal value of required parameters using Gaussian random number generator. The neural network structure forms constructively having three number of layers input layer: hidden layer and output layer. A constructive way of deciding the network eliminates the unnecessary training of neural network. A new parameter that is a quantum separability parameter (QSP) is introduced here, which finds an optimal separability plane to classify input samples. During learning, it searches for an optimal separability plane. This parameter is taken as the threshold of neuron for learning of neural network. This algorithm is tested with three benchmark datasets and produces improved results than existing quantum inspired and other classification approaches.

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