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    • An integrated feedforward-feedback control structure utilizing a simplified global gravitational search algorithm to control nonlinear systems


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      This paper presents an integrated feedforward-feedback control structure to control nonlinear dynamical systems. This intelligent control system exploits a modified recurrent wavelet neural network (MRWNN) in the feedforward (FF) and the feedback (FB) loops of the control structure. Specifically, the MRWNN is proposed to boost the approximation performance of a previously reported network by employing two amendments to the original structure. To optimize the parameters of both the FF and the FB controllers, an enhanced version of the gravitational search algorithm (GSA) is developed to improve the searching capability of the original algorithm. In particular, two modifications were adopted, including the removal of two control parameters related to the gravitational constant in the original algorithm and the utilization of the global bestsolution to constitute the next generation of agents. Hence, the proposed algorithm is called the simplified global gravitational search algorithm (SGGSA), which has demonstrated better optimization performance compared to those of other techniques, including the original GSA. By conducting several evaluation tests using different nonlinear time-variant dynamical systems, the effectiveness of the proposed control structure was confirmed in terms of control precision and robustness against external disturbances. In addition, the MRWNN has exhibited a superior control performance compared with other related controllers

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