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    • Comparative analysis of new improved force split-teeth Linear Switched Reluctance Motor for high speed transit systems


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      Linear Motors forms an integral part of propulsion systems used in linear motor propelled highspeed transport systems. Generally, motors such as linear induction and linear synchronous are preferred worldwide for these applications. In spite of showing the immense capabilities, linear switched reluctance motor(LSRM) is still under research for applications in high-speed systems. This paper focuses on a LSRM with enhanced propulsion force for the application in high-speed transportation systems. It has a linear structure with moving translator for direct force transmission and two-teeth in each stator pole to attain better force performance.In the proposed motor, translator teeth count is more as compared to the stator teeth count. A 6/16 LSRM with three- phase split-teeth stator has been proposed. The performance of the proposed 6/16 LSRM has beencompared with 6/4 and 6/8 three-phase conventional motors to highlight the improvements in the proposed motor. The paper also modifies the proposed 6/16 LSRM into 12/32 configuration to analyse its force ripple reduction capability. The performance of the 6/16 is compared with the 12/32 LSRM. All the motors aremodelled and analysed in 3D with the help of finite-element analysis (FEA). The paper optimizes the 6/16 LSRM using parameter based cumulative deterministic optimization algorithm (PBCDOA) to maximize its propulsion force. The FEA based analysis shows better force performance for the proposed motor.

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