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      N Viswanadham

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    • Performance modelling of a fault-tolerant real-time multiprocessor using stochastic Petri nets

      Y Narahari N Viswanadham

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      The fault-tolerant multiprocessor (ftmp) is a bus-based multiprocessor architecture with real-time and fault-tolerance features and is used in critical aerospace applications. A preliminary performance evaluation is of crucial importance in the design of such systems. In this paper, we review stochastic Petri nets (spn) and developspn-based performance models forftmp. These performance models enable efficient computation of important performance measures such as processing power, bus contention, bus utilization, and waiting times.

    • Integrated planning in supply chains with buy-side and sell-side marketplaces

      Roshan Gaonkar N Viswanadham

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      In this paper we develop a quadratic programming model for partner selection and planning in integrated supply chain networks embedded with both sell-side and buy-side electronic marketplaces. Such a scenario arises in several practical applications. In particular, we consider a contract manufacturer who procures components from suppliers through a component marketplace and sells its manufactured sub-assemblies to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), through a sub-assembly marketplace. In these web-enabled supply chains, embedded with upstream and downstream electronic marketplaces, we need methods for online supply-chain partner selection based on pricing and delivery schedules. In this paper, we develop and present such a model that selects partners, synchronizes supply chain activities and optimizes the profit through optimal revenue pricing and cost minimization.

    • Models for measuring and predicting shareholder value: A study of third party software service providers

      N Viswanadham Poornima Luthra

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      In this study, we use the strategic profit model (SPM) and the economic value-added (EVA to measure shareholder value). SPM measures the return on net worth (RONW) which is defined as the return on assets (ROA) multiplied by the financial leverage. EVA is defined as the firm's net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) minus the capital charge. Both, RONW and EVA provide an indication of how much shareholder value a firm creates for its shareholders, year on year.

      With the increasing focus on creation of shareholder value and core competencies, many companies are outsourcing their information technology (IT) related activities to third party software companies. Indian software companies have become leaders in providing these services. Companies from several other countries are also competing for the top slot. We use the SPM and EVA models to analyse the four listed players of the software industry using the publicly available published data. We compare the financial data obtained from the models, and use peer average data to provide customized recommendations for each company to improve their shareholder value. Assuming that the companies follow these rules, we also predict future RONW and EVA for the companies for the financial year 2005. Finally, we make several recommendations to software providers for effectively competing in the global arena.

    • New Responsibility as Editor of Sadhana

      N Viswanadham

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    • Why Sadhana?

      N Viswanadham

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