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    • Assessment of voltage changeability with reactive power source allotment for real time network


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      In this research work investigation of reactive power necessity at standard voltage level is practiced. The 39-bus test network modeled in mipower application is a part of Rajasthan power system, attached with North Regional National Grid synchronized at 765 kV voltage level. State power utilities are unable to obtain the profoundness in providing, static or dynamic compensation at multiple voltage available within the grid. Reactive power drawl from the network end is judged and analysed by placing imaginary generator at availablevoltage level. In Rajasthan power system voltage level arrays from 765 kV to 33 kV and the utilities are puzzled in managing var penetration due to poor estimation. As a result, higher loading levels and abrupt line trippingraises losses and reduces system reliability. The simulation case studies presented herby from the database of financial year 2018-19 will be envisaged by the utilities after evaluation is over. Presently State Load DispatchCenters deliver instruction to substations to utilize any compensation device available without prior calculation. But this paper underlines a way to access the effects on voltage profile, losses etc. in power system structure afterplanned var support at optimum voltage level. Case studies over real time network is detailed, to check the observability for a load of 370 MW. The impact of practices followed is observed for the designed network.

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