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    • Design, analysis and fabrication of a linear permanent magnet synchronous machine


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      This paper deals with the design, analysis and fabrication of a 320 W, 5 m/s, 4-pole permanentmagnet-based linear synchronous machine (LPMSM). The design deals with conventional hand calculations followed by design fine-tuning and analysis using standard FEM packages. Fabrication of the machine has beenalso done at the works of a local small machine manufacturer after procurement of imported permanent magnets (PMs). The work presented here focuses on design and fabrication of LPMSM linor stampings with fixed dimensions and standard available PM tablets with a view to providing simple design guidelines. This prototype forms part of a variable speed linear motor drive that is being developed. The approach presented here might provide new ideas to those researchers who may not have the capability to bear cost of fabrication of lamination and PMs from scratch but would like to manufacture LPMSMs from available stampings and tablet PMs.Additionally, it may serve as a base document for the R&D personnel in this area.

    • Optimised design, analysis, fabrication and experiments on a tubular linear induction motor prototype


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      This paper presents optimised design, analysis and fabrication of a 500 W, 2.5 m/s, 4-pole tubular linear induction motor (TLIM) prototype with a modified stator core structure. An exhaustive design procedure, involving conventional hand calculation, multi-objective design optimisation, followed by analysis usingstandard FEM packages is presented here. Development of the modified motor structure (such as stamping geometry, armature core structure etc.) are also discussed in details. Since, the motor is a special variant of linear motors, due emphasis has been laid on the optimisation of air-gap dimensions, efficiency-p.f. product and magnetic loading to improve the goodness factor, space factor and thrust. Normal force due to longitudinal end effects has also been considered. Fabrication challenges and innovative approaches to circumvent those hurdleshave been also been mentioned to address the interests of upcoming engineers/researcher trying to develop such machines from scratch. Devising a low cost ingenious loading arrangement in the lab for the specified prototypeis another highlight of the work. Preliminary tests have been conducted. There is good agreement between the calculated and experimentally obtained results.

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