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    • optimization of parameters using Taguchi-method in through mask electrochemical machining


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      In this study, we explored the mask electrochemical machining parameters: electrolyte concentration, operating voltage, mask hole diameter, mask thickness and other processing parameter variability through the screen printing mask manufacturing method, and then used Taguchi method as the analysis tool. Usethe controllable factor of the experimental parameters to explore the influence of the processing parameters on the undercut of a single hole and the uniformity of the array, so as to obtain the best combination of processing parameters of the experimental data. A red copper was used as the tool, and a 304 stainless steel sheet (0.1 mm) was used as the workpiece. The experimental results show that the processing appearance is round when using the forward flow mode and the machining shape is elliptical when the lateral flow mode is used. Therefore, theforward flow mode is selected for subsequent experiments. For single-hole undercut and the uniformity of array holes, the most influential experimental parameters are the diameter of mask holes and the thickness of mask,and a set of optimal parameters are obtained smoothly from the study. The combination of optimal parameter for the single-hole undercut experiment is A2B1C1D3, the undercut amount is 72 lm, and the combination of optimal parameter for the uniformity of array holes in experiment is A2B1C1D3, and the average deviation is 7 lm.

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