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    • Stress-induced modifications on microstructure and mechanical properties of dual-phase steel sheets by repetitive corrugation and straightening


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      Dual phase steel is usually produced through inter-critical annealing followed by rapid quenching, but this study examines the repetitive corrugation and straightening (RCS) technique as a potential alternative. Dual phase steel was repeatedly corrugated and straightened using a semi-circular die to observe the effect of severe plastic deformation on martensitic transformation and mechanical properties. Using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray analysis, the martensitic phases of the samples were quantified after each RCS cycle. Inaddition, the crystallite sizes, lattice strains and dislocation densities in the steel were measured using XRD techniques, while the changes in hardness and yield strength were determined using the Vickers hardness test and the tensile test, respectively. An effective strain of 10.5 is introduced by twelve numbers of RCS cycles, and this strain has led to martensitic phase transformation which is revealed through EBSD analysis. The steel’s yield strength, hardness, and wear characteristics have been greatly altered as a result. By the end of twelvecycles, the density of dislocations had grown to an order of 1014, and dislocation character found changing from screw into edge with plastic strain. Steel’s yield strength has increased from 380 MPa to 720 MPa, while its hardness has increased from 150 HV30 to 280 HV30.

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