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    • Double attribute based node deployment in wireless sensor networks using novel weight based clustering approach


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      In recent years, WSNs have become one of the fastest emerging networks. It enables a larger variety of applications in the real-time as well as automation industries. WSN applications are made up of a large count of sensor nodes that are distributed as per the application’s requirements. Sensor nodes, depending on its manufacturing rationale, monitor, sense, receive, record, and transfer any type of data. Sensors are inexpensive, tiny, and have limited energy efficiency. Inefficient methods of utilizing this scarce battery power results in the death of nodes which consequently affects the lifetime of the entire network. The failure of nodes because of inadequate routing strategies reduces the network’s lifespan and overall quality. Numerous previous research methodologies were applied to improve network lifespan and node connection together with communicationdependability. Most of the solutions failed to deliver ideal performance in terms of improving overall QoS, which is a collective characteristic. In this research, a novel WBC approach for data gathering, node clustering, and load balancing in WSN is proposed. The functioning of the proposed model relies on the effectiveassignment of nodes to the communication task based on their weighted function computed based on the performance characteristic. Load balancing as well as data aggregation, are the two attributes effectively considered in this research work. The performance of the suggested WBC is compared to traditional benchmark techniques using the NS2 program. Multiple measures have been calculated and studied, and in every case, the suggested WBC outperforms.

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