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    • Investigation of inner flow and near-field spray patterns of the non-circular diesel injector


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      The non-circular diesel nozzles have influence on the inner cavitation and near-field spray patterns. For this investigation, two different non-circular diesel injectors with the same equivalent diameter were adopted. A detailed comparison of near-field spray and inner cavitation behaviors were investigated by using near-field spray experimental visualization method and numerical model. The elliptical nozzle has larger discharge coefficient, indicating that using the elliptical nozzle could increase the circulation ability. Also, the elliptical nozzle outlet has higher vorticity magnitude at all injection conditions than those of the circular nozzle. Besides, the cavitation is evenly distributed in the circular orifice inner wall. While for elliptical nozzle, the cavitation is mainly distributed along the major axis. Moreover, the near-field spray cone angle and projection area at the major axis of the elliptical nozzle are all wider than the circular nozzle. Because the nozzle exit turbulence vorticity and the cavitation along the major axis direction are both more intense than the circular nozzle, and these factors could increase the diffusion of the initial spray. Finally, it is possible to predict that theatomization quality of the elliptical spray is better than that of the circular spray from the larger spray cone angle and projected area of the near-field elliptical spray.

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